Friday, February 7, 2014

Subway Uses Dangerous Chemical In Its Bread

I used to love Subway sandwiches. Easiest, healthiest, quickest meal I could get in a pinch. At least so I thought.  But I just read an article claiming that in the United States Subway sandwiches use the following chemical in their bread: azodicarbonamide. That's the exact same chemical that manufacturers use to make the rubber soles for our shoes, yoga mats, etc. The same chemical that has been banned in Europe and Australia because it is known to cause asthma, allergies, other respiratory problems, and is also potentially carcinogenic. Singapore will levy a $450,000 fine, and jail you for 15 years if found using the chemical. In fact, the U.S. is the only country that allows Subway to use azodicarbonamide in its bread.

Not cool!

Thanks to Vani Hari of the blog, Subway says it plans on removing the chemical.  Of course they say they had it in the pipeline prior to Hari's petition hitting the Internet, but that seems doubtful.

Sign Hari's petition to get them to remove that chemical. And tell them what you think on their Facebook Page.

Shameful that they tout their food as healthy! Bye-bye Subway, at least for now.

Source: Buzz Feed