Monday, September 17, 2007 - resource for saving dollars on all things green

I came across in Prevention Magazine today. It's an extensive resource for "eco-friendly and holistic health products", a site I know I'm bookmarking for the future.

If you are looking to save on organic fruits and veggies they list local food buying clubs and co-ops by zip code and state, city and even country.

Food buying clubs, if there are any near you, are a great way to save up to 35% on organic foods. Members purchase the produce in bulk directly from farmers and meet every week or 2 to divide it all up. According to Prevention Magazine the cost ranges from $40 to $50 for 2 weeks. That seems like quite a savings, especially for those who have families. There are supposedly 10,000 buying clubs across the country. doesn't seem to list any of the larger health food chains, like Whole Foods and Wild Oats, but those are easily located via their specific web sites.

They also have listings from clothing to travel to holistic medical practitioners, and it also happens to list the best (and my favourite) website for veggie restaurants (and health food stores) across the nation and the world:

You never know what you'll find on these kinds of sites.


JohnnySensible said...

Yes indeed - very well said - I especially like - it is run by volunteers / it is free to use / anyone can contribute Reviews & articles - John

Incognito said...

Hey John,
Yes I love Wherever I travel I always check out (and print) the lists of restaurants etc.) I've discovered many fab restaurants through them, and have reviewed several.

Frasypoo said...

Thats cool
Our church has a co-op for grocerys for about $25.00 per month.I share with a friend,she takes all the meat and frozen fried stuff and I take all the veggies

Incognito said...

Wow... $25.00 per month, that's great Poo! I think Pat J was complaining about the cost of organics etc. Maybe he can find a co-op in his parts.

I lived in the mid-west and they had some great co-ops. Much cheaper than health food stores etc. and the produce was so much better.