Friday, November 2, 2007

Virtual Flowers for Butterfly Wife

I don't know Butterfly Wife, but she's the proud spouse of one our brave military men, and is in need of some support. So these are for you!! Sending you and your family many blessings!
It is due to the courage and fortitude of our military personnel that the world remains free!
God Bless them all!


Lemon Stand said...

What stunning flowers! I love the color! Thank you for coming by to Butterfly Wife's place. Drop in any time. :)

Incognito said...

They were truly beautiful. Then again, I think all flowers are. My favourite thing to photograph, aside from Sunsets.

And I certainly will drop by both of your blogs.

Butterfly Wife said...

Thank you for the lovely flowers. They are just beautiful.

Frasypoo said...