Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Relieve Bee Stings And Other Nasties The Natural Way

Thankfully, I have never been stung by a bee! With my phobia, I'd probably die from a heart attack before I ever had to figure out how to deal with it. But for those who might, some day, encounter the stinger of a wasp, bee or hornet, rest assured there are natural ways to alleviate the ensuing pain and itching.

You better hope the wasp, hornet or yellow jacket decides to leave you alone after the initial attack because their stingers, unlike the honey bee's, remain firmly intact. This means, if they are so inclined, they can continue to sting you for as long as they deem you worthy. The honeybee leaves his stinger attached to your body, so you should remove the stinger immediately. Then proceed as follows:

Wash the site with soapy water: "Do not squeeze, rub, or pick at the sting as it may cause an infection. If you have multiples stings or a severe allergic reaction visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital."

Apply the following to the sting site:

1. A paste of baking soda and vinegar

2. Mix a little water with Meat Tenderizer that has papaya extract, and apply paste immediately to sting.

3. Place a slice of onion or potato for 20 minutes.

4. Clay or mud has also been known to help. Apply wet and allow to dry on skin.

5. Crush the stems and leaves of the Impatiens (a plant most everyone has in their garden). When it becomes watery, place on the bite.

These remedies also apply to fire-ants, and most other stinging creatures.

Hopefully you will never have to use any of these, but if you do, good luck!

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nanc said...

i've linked you up to "sensible folks" - as far as bee stings go, when i was a youngster, i loved to wander through the clover flowers allowing bees to crawl over my feet and was nearly never stung - there are benefits to bee stings however - it's been tried in arthritic conditions and proven to bee beneficial. hornets, wasps and other stinging creatures are another ballgame - the meat tenderizer remedy or rubbing kiwi on the wound have proven to be helpful for me.

welcome aboard the "sensible folks" bandwagon!

Incognito said...

Thanks Nanc, have done the same.

As for letting bees crawl over feet... holy cow.. i see a bee or any other flying insect and I run half a mile the other way. I've been know to practically jump out of my car, while still driving, if there's a bee inside.

and yes, when i was researching natural remedies for my R.A. i ran across bee stings as quite effective. as you can imagine, that was one thing i did not experiment with.

and thank you.