Wednesday, December 31, 2008

With Wishes For Peace In The New Year!

The fireworks, last night, sounded like the crackle of gunfire and it saddened me to think that in so many parts of our world, this disturbing sound is probably a daily occurrence, and I wondered what it must be like to live in constant fear.

2008 was a turbulent and troubling year with violence erupting throughout most regions of the world; from the Middle East to India to our own back yard. I'm not just referring to the bloodshed that's perpetrated in the name of religion or politics, but also to the violence that occurs in our cities, inner cities, suburbs or rural areas because of drugs or family disputes or whatever pathetic reason that drives someone to harm another. In today's society people (like possessions) have become disposable and it seems, for many, that the easier option is to kill rather than deal with whatever negative situation they happen to be in, or think they might be in. So mothers suffocate their babies and dump their newborns in canals, rather than give them up for adoption; husbands kill wives because it's simpler than a divorce; daughters kill parents because the parents disapprove of their boyfriends; brothers kill sisters because of disputes over their inheritance; criminals and drug dealers kill for an easy buck (or revenge), because they're too lazy to work, pedophiles give in to their sick lust, rather than seek help. People choose the easy way out (whether through lack of conscience or ignorance or both) regardless of the consequences, and as a result, the innocent suffer.

But, in spite of the daily barrage of bad tidings we call 'news', I still harbor hope! Hope for a world in which people can live in harmony and peace. Where freedom (our greatest gift from GOD) is something that is cherished and encouraged and allowed to flourish.

Every New Year brings, with its birth, the possibility for transformation and renewal and evolution. We start each year with a clean slate, and it is up to us, as individuals, to make the necessary changes within ourselves to move forward as enlightened beings. If we purge our hearts and minds of hatred and all negativity and replace those feelings with Love we can make a difference, because Love does truly conquer all.

God bless this country and all those in the world who embrace freedom, and God bless our troops and allied troops, who make that possible!!

Happy 2009!

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