Monday, February 15, 2010

Patrick Henry Hughes- Making The Most Out Of Life

I have written about Patrick Henry Hughes before, but after watching another video that was forwarded to me recently, I was inspired to write again. He's always worth writing about.

Born without eyes and crippled at birth, Patrick is a musical genius who started playing the piano before his 1st birthday, and requests by his 2nd. He and his parents have never allowed his physical challenges to undermine his potential, and Patrick therefore sees his 'challenges' not as disabilities but as abilities. He plays the piano beautifully, as well as the trumpet.

I initially wrote about the selflessness of Patrick's dad, who works the graveyard shift for UPS (11pm to 6 am) then spends all day long with his son at classes at the University of Lousiville, and then attends marching band practice, where he wheels Patrick around the field while his son plays the trumpet. He also accompanies his son to various events, all over the country and the world, where Patrick has been invited as a keynote speaker. He has also written a book entitled I AM POTENTIAL, which I also wrote about.

He truly is an inspiration to both able-bodied and disabled people. In the following video he says:

" God made me blind and unable to walk, big deal. He gave me the ability to - the musical gifts I have and the great opportunity to meet new people....."

He can also add being an inspiration to others. If a blind, crippled young man can achieve incredible goals, so can we. All it takes is faith and seeing oneself as full of potential.

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