Saturday, June 2, 2012

Censorship Of Alternative Healing Health Blogs

Just like allopathic (Western) medicine, alternative healing modalities help some and not others. It's just a question of experimenting to find out what works best for our particular constitution. I have two major health issues I was diagnosed with- Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ulcerative Colitis- both of which I  have under control through diet, herbs and supplements. They have less side effects (homeopathy has none) and are usually less expensive than some western drugs that are riddled with major side effects, including death.

I started this blog to share with others my pathway to healing, and to let people know that there are alternatives to conventional medicine- whether you use it as a complementary method of getting better (along with your Western meds) or simply by itself.

Unfortunately, there's no money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies (with all their lobbying efforts) on herbal remedies, so there isn't much support for them. Even my Rheumatologist shared that information with me after he witnessed how well I was doing exclusively on herbals etc. And, oftentimes, government agencies and major medical associations try to regulate what kind of information gets out to the general public. They are not fond of those of us who have found  non-traditional ways of healing, and will sometimes try to censor us.  Fortunately, I have not encountered any problems- yet, but blogger Steven Cooksey has. 

Steven has Diabetes and after embarking on a low-carb Paleo "style" Diet, now has it completely under control solely through diet. No more insulin shots four times a day, no more diabetes-related ailments- whatever he is doing has helped him, and he  has shared all that information on his blog. It is not a diet that I would use, since it focuses on a lot of meat and very low carbs, but it worked for him, and might for others.  He  has also been highly critical of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and as a result was targeted by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition for  "violating the law by giving dietary consultation without a license."  He was forced to make some changes to his blog, but is now suing the agency  for censorship.

Who knows if he will win, but it's important that he at least try.  Some of us just want to help others find a safer way of healing their dis-eases, and we should not be censored by our government.


Sunny said...

I agree with the need for more blogs and info online to let people who suffer know there are alternatives.

Like you, I am doing my part by putting up a Facebook page about the Rife digital healing tool, a portable, powerful 16v Rife machine, which allows you to program over 3500 different healing sets into the machine to heal a whide variety of acute and chronic illnesses. I am hoping that you will visit this FB page and LIKE it and become better informed. We also send out a FREE Rife Manual and the List of Frequencies so everyone becomes better acquainted with this machine and its healing capabilities.
Thanks so much for posting.
The FB link is
Best in health,

Incognito said...

Hi Sunny,

Knew someone who used Rife, and was helped for a while, unfornately, she eventually succumbed to cancer. When it's your time to go, there's no stopping it.