Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Managing Chronic Pain With Exercise Using Stretchy Bands

For those of us dealing with chronic pain, sometimes we're just too sore to work out, and yet that's the one thing everyone recommends to help with pain management. Both holistic and allopathic doctors will encourage you to find some form of exercise to get those joints and muscles moving.

So when I found this series of exercises on Real Age, I thought I would share. This way I can also easily access the video. It's a 17 minute work out with bands. If you've ever been to a physical therapist you could probably use those stretchy bands they give you to practice with at home. I still have mine from when I first got sick with the arthritis and my shoulders froze and I had to go to PT three times a week. 

Remember, though, to check with your doctor before you start any exercise programme.

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