Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wipe Away Worry About "What-Ifs"

Worry is probably one of the most common debilitating problems for humanity, and something most of us battle. I remember decades ago I was needlessly worrying about two projects I was interested in, neither of which I had yet been offered,  and a very dear friend told me "there's no point in worrying until it's a problem", and he was so right. What was the point in wasting all that energy angsting over which project I would choose, when I hadn't been presented with the choice yet?  As it turned out, I never had to make the choice.

His wise words stuck with me, and I try to remember them  when I am in a similar situation.  Until something becomes a problem, until you have an actual choice to make- why worry. Most of the time, and I'd say more than the 40% mentioned in the above chart, it  never becomes issue. Furthermore, by worrying about a situation, since "worry" is a negative energy, are you potentially creating a negative situation by focusing on it?  Thoughts are energy, make them good, positive ones.  Find books that deal with positivity. Check out YouTube videos. You can get over it, or at least reach a point where you don't worry about something that isn't an issue, yet.

Here are some great tips to deal with worry.

Keep telling yourself, this is not a problem. And breathe. Deeply. And if you are a believer, "Let go, and let God."

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