Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How You See Yourself Versus How Others See You

We are always so worried about what others think of us, how they see us, how they feel about us when the only thing that really matters is:

A. how we see ourselves

and more importantly,

B. how our Creator sees us.

Who cares what others think? There will always be people in your life who will stifle your growth by telling you that something can not be accomplished- that you aren't pretty/handsome enough, talented enough, smart enough, or strong enough- but as long as you believe you are, that you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

First you have to cultivate those feelings of self worth, and know that with faith anything is possible, regardless of outer circumstances.  I remember a woman I used to work with, a long time ago, had just visited Hawaii and decided she wanted to move there. She was told that it was almost impossible to get work in Honolulu, but this woman refused to listen to the naysayers and popped off a bunch of resumes. She received at least 4 or 5 job offers and  moved to Hawaii.  She had so much faith in herself and her abilities her dream came true.

The place to start is by learning to love yourself. Look in a mirror and forgive yourself for all your faults. Then, as hard as it might be, write down all the positive things about yourself. Every little thing matters. Focus on the good things. Daily. Affirmations are great, as are meditations like the one below.

Some good affirmations to use:

I love and accept myself as I am
I love and respect myself
I accept myself completely
I am loved and lovable
I am a wonderful person
I am strong and capable
I am loving and kind
I can accomplish anything I set my mind to
I can accomplish anything through God's love

There are endless amounts of affirmations you can use, but remember to always state them in the affirmative, and as if they are already true.

Be the best person that you can be, and everything else will fall into place.

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