Monday, December 24, 2012

Priorities- Happy Holidays 2012

While some kids are thinking about what Santa will bring them on Christmas eve, others realize that there are priorities much greater than receiving the latest X-Box under their tree.

Chase Branscum from Owasso, Oklahoma, was turning eight, and instead of turning his party into an opportunity to make out like a bandit, the young boy decided to turn his celebration into a Toy's For Tots drive.  Around 100 people showed up with around 500 presents, all of which will be donated to the community through the Marine's Toys For Tots programme.

Then there's Bethany Arnold who told Santa that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was her dad home from Iraq, a contractor working on that country's electrical infrastructure. She had only seen her dad for 2 weeks in 2 years. The following video is from last year, but try watching it without grabbing for that box of Kleenex.

Both these kids are wiser than many adults, they know what's important in life, and it's not material things.

During this holiday season what's important is family and giving.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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