Friday, November 8, 2013

GiveBackFilms Does Good Deeds To Inspire Others To Do The Same

While most of the youth today are too busy being self-involved, about a month ago Kyle Orrefice (18) of Atlanta, GA, and Josh Gibson (25) of Utah created the YouTube channel GiveBackFilms. The lads are dedicated to doing good deeds, videotaping themselves helping people in their communities, and then posting those videos on YouTube. They are doing this in hopes of inspiring people to help others by paying it forward and giving back.

In the latest video (below) at a gas station, Gibson and two buddies, Andrew and Robert, are seen randomly paying for other people's gas for people's gas. But they also have a video of paying for fast food at a drive through (which then inspired others to do the same thing for the drivers behind them), giving homeless people $100.00, and tipping a waitress $200.00. Initially it came out of their own pockets, but they have been pulling in some revenue from ads on YouTube, so they are hoping that will fund future projects. They hope to post a new video every Monday.

Now you might think that videotaping good deeds defeats the purpose, that one should not want or expect recognition for doing good, and in a way that's true, but they want these videos to go viral to get others to be inspired to do the same thing, maybe consider giving a waitress a larger tip, or buying someone a meal for no reason, or giving a little more to some homeless person. Nothing wrong with that.

Well done, lads. There is hope yet.

Here's some more background on the boys.

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