Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why this blog?

As my other blog is primarily political in nature, and deals with all the negativity we are faced with in our world today, I thought it would be nice to create a blog that I felt would balance out that negativity.

I will be blogging about spirituality and health, and whatever else I feel might make a positive difference in our world, because when "mind, body and spirit" are in balance, our personal world becomes a much better place, and by extension the rest of the world.

I have a very strong faith in holistic medicine, so I will be sharing whatever I come across that I feel might be of help to others. At some point I will share how herbs have helped me, and how I came to embrace holistic as opposed to allopathic (western) medicine.

I will also share anything spiritual that I find enlightening or of comfort, from all religious sources. I hope you will keep an open mind.

Thought I would start out with this Swedish Proverb:

Fear less, hope more;
eat less, chew more;
Whine less, breathe more;
talk less, say more;
love more, and all good things will be yours

Lotus flower courtesy of