Friday, December 28, 2007

Red Or White Grapefruit- Which Is Best?

Did you know that red grapefruit is healthier than white? And that other than being useful for certain weight reduction diets it's also great for cancer prevention and heart health protection?

I had no idea.

Personally, I never eat grapefruit because it's far too acidic, and I'm just not fond of the taste. But if you like the fruit, you might consider adding red grapefruit to your diet. Because the red variety has more lycopene than the white, it can help protect against heart disease and cancer. It's been found that prostate cancer is less likely to affect men with more lycopene in their system.

Lycopene is a very powerful compound that could be even more beneficial than beta- carotene (found in carrots) for cancer prevention.

So give those salivary glands a working out and cut open a grapefruit!

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Anonymous said...

Interestion indeed. I eat half a white grapefruit each morning, and I'm guessing I should switch to red... Does white grapefruit have any health benifits like red ?
Is it not good for you, or just not as good as red ?