Sunday, February 17, 2008

Commuting Can Be Harmful To Your Lungs

So, now it seems that driving is almost as hazardous for your health as smoking. For those of you who commute to work every day, in traffic congested areas, your lungs are being exposed to pollution that accounts for up to 45% of your daily not-recommended dosage of air pollutants. The only greater health risk is smoking, according to some University of Southern California(USC) scientists who studied the driving habits of urban commuters. 45% for only approximately 6% of time spent in one's car.


Drive with your windows shut.
Turn on your air recirculation.
Take a train (though I would think this was as hazardous).
Bike it around, on less travelled thoroughfares (though I'd think this too would expose you to even more pollutants.

Good luck trying to find a solution. But if you smoke. I'd quit, now.

HatTip: Prevention Magazine


Susu Kacang said...

hi incognito, sad to say, air pollution is a bigger problem in certain developing countries. with large scale land clearing by burning, neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore have to suffer year after year.

Incognito said...

Hey Susu,

So sorry to hear that Susu, frustrating when you have no control over it. It's not just developing countries.. i remember visiting Berlin several years ago and the pollution there was horrendous as well.