Saturday, February 9, 2008

Irritable? Try This Yoga Breath

All of us have those moments when we just want to scream. When every little thing makes us irritable. I know I have plenty of those days when I snap, even though I don't want to.

I just came across this yogic exercise, the Garuda mudra, that is guaranteed to stop irritability in its tracks with a specific hand gesture, and just a few quick deep breaths:

Place your left hand on your lower abs, the right hand on top of your left, then cross and spread out your fingers (like an eagle's wings).

Inhale deeply 10 times.

Repeat the hand gesture and the 10 deep breaths at the navel, and then at the breastbone.

When we get stressed our bodies fill up with excess energy, and this helps release that energy (vata), which then releases all that irritability.

I know I'm going to try that next time I'm ready to bite someone's head off.

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