Monday, March 24, 2008

Cell Phones Can Cause Hearing Loss

It seems that they're discovering more and more problems with long-term cell phone usage. This is particularly dismaying for those of us who have all but substituted our landlines for our cell phones. For some of us it has become an added appendage we're not readily willing to relinquish. I'll admit, I'm lost without mine, although I have ceased (at least I've tried to) chatting before bed, since I posted about pre-bed chatter adversely affecting the quality of our sleep. I'm not sure it has made much difference in my sleeping habits, but it certainly is worth the effort.

Now, they are claiming that yakking too much on your cell can significantly increase hearing loss. According to a research study in India of 50 landline and 100 cell phone users, those who chatted on their cells for more than an hour, on a daily basis for four plus years, had greater auditory damage than those who used landlines.


Cut down your cell phone usage.
Text message more.
Use a hands-free earpiece with volume control, and keep it low.

HatTip: Prevention Magazine

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