Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keys To Happiness: Mayo Clinic Atrium Impromptu Piano Concert By Senior Couple Video

I love videos that make me smile, and seeing older playful couples who seem as much in love as they probably were when they first fell in love, makes my heart full.

This mid 80s to 90 plus year-old couple, married for 62 years, were in the atrium of the Mayo Clinic, in 2008, and apparently just started an impromptu piano recital.  Jodi Hume, who was there with her mother, heard the music and the laughter and approached the couple asking them if they would play one more tune.  They obliged, and she captured this wonderful video of Fran and Marlow Cowan. It eventually went viral after Jodi included the video when she posted on

Watch how much fun they have with each other, and tell me it doesn't put a smile on your face.  Their love and playfulness is probably what has kept them together for so long.

Fran and Marlow were still healthy in 2011 when they were featured on an Iowa PBS show called Need To Know, in a segment called "Healthily Ever After", about the benefits of a happy marriage.


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