Friday, February 24, 2012

Why We Could All Take a Hint From the Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is one of the worst health crisis facing the US and it is in direct correlation with the high levels of obesity in this country. However, you don't have to be one of the millions of people carrying around a glucose sensor to benefit from the strict diet that most diabetics follow. In fact, the diabetic diet comes with many great health benefits that can help keep you out of the hospital and it is fairly easy to follow.

Easy on the Fat

Those suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of heart disease, a health condition which fatty foods are also likely to promote. So to avoid increasing their risk, diabetics often cut a majority of fats out of their diets. To reduce the amount of fat you consume in your own diet, limit your meats to lean cuts or fish and try to use butter substitutes instead of the real deal.

Watch Your Salt

While we all know that salt makes a great dish tastier, it also increases the likelihood of hypertension and high blood pressure, two conditions that diabetics are also prone to. To reduce the amount of salt in your own diet, simply eat fresher and keep the table salt, well, off the table. Choose to eat fresh veggies instead of canned vegetables, and if you have to buy frozen, be sure to read up on the sodium before you make the purchase as many frozen items come riddled with preservatives.

Monitor Carbs

The jury is still out on carbs for many of those trying to maintain a healthy diet. Some believe they should be avoided at all costs, while others believe that they are needed in order to get adequate fiber in their diets. A great way to look at carbs is through a diabetic's eyes. Because carbs are so quickly used for energy, a diabetic must pick and choose which ones to eat wisely – often opting for complex carbs. These carbs keep you fuller longer by keeping your sugar levels from spiking, and tend to be higher in fiber which is also vital to a healthy metabolism.

While diabetes should never be taken lightly, there is something to be learned from the diet of those who have this devastating disease. The diet promotes healthy and light eating – one in which the person utilizing it has to eat to get their body to perform at optimum levels. Perhaps if we all focused more on eating for optimum performance we wouldn't have so many folks out there struggling with their health.

Guest Post by writer and blogger Alex Summers

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