Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free i-Phone and Android Apps For Vegetarians and Vegans

I was looking through my June 2011 Vegetarian Times (I know, I'm way behind) and came across a cool Smart Phone app for vegetarians. Unfortunately, most of the best apps are for iPhone and Android, neither of which I have, and this one is no exception.  I do have a Blackberry, but will be more than likely switching to a Droid come next year, so  I thought I would check around and see what other apps might be available for free.

IVU VEGGIE PHRASES: The app Vegetarian Times was touting is for those who might find themselves traveling abroad and want to make sure they're ordering tofu instead of chicken.  Created by Ashley Burton ( a self-styled "geek"), it's totally free and can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace or  iTunes. It uses the International Vegetarian Union list of "Vegetarian Phrases in World Languages" to help explain to your waiter what you can or cannot eat; in 60 different languages, to boot. It doesn't get high grades from users, but I would think it would be worth a try, for free. For Android download here. I couldn't find it on i-Tunes.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET RECIPES: With this free app, you can find a store near you, then check on recipes according to your dietary preferences, find ingredients, then make lists and email them to yourself or friends. It also has nutritional info and even how to prepare the meal. Not exclusively vegetarian, however. For iPhone only.  For more information on what the app can do, and to download for free, click here.

I-VEGETARIAN: Here's one that helps find vegetarian restaurants, though from one comment, it seems like it might need some work.  For iPhone only. Download here.

CRUELTY FREE: For those who are concerned about animal testing on cosmetics and household products, this lists about 200 Canadian and American companies that are cruelty free. For iPhone only. Download here.

BE VEGAN: If you want a free vegan recipe app, try this one. It also has news, articles, videos and other information of interest to vegans. For i-Phone only. Download here.

VEGSCAN: This app scans the bar codes of products, and is a handy way of finding out if something is vegan/vegetarian or not. For i-Phones only. Download here.

HAPPYCOW VEGINOUT: HappyCow.net, one of the best online sources for vegetarian restaurants and health food stores worldwide, has several apps, including a free one. I'm not sure what the difference is between the free version and the paid version, but here's the free one. For Android.  Download here.

VEGETARIAN RECIPES: Is exactly that, an app that lists daily recipes. For Android. Download here.

I can't vouch for any of these, although I plan on downloading some as soon as I get my Android next year. And as with most things, there are people who love the apps and others who complain, but what do you want for something that is free. The download links are from either i-Tunes, or the Android Marketplace, but you can go to their websites and search for yourself.  You might find others you like.

Sources: Make Use Of and the Internet.


vtprusov said...

There is a very convinient and easy food tracker with profiles for vegans and vegetarians (Android edition). It uses smart and simple food graph with five main food groups. Can be used both for logging and planning your ratio. Smart search with frequent, recent and favourite lists helps to find and add meals quickly. Enjoy!


Incognito said...

thank you.