Thursday, December 29, 2011

Texas Teen Ben Breedlove Posted Two Inspirational Videos on YouTube Before His Death

There are some who come into this life simply to inspire others.  One such person, Ben Breedlove, was one of those who managed to touch many people's lives throughout his short life, and even more so through his death. 

Sick with the heart condition 'hypertrophic cardiomyopathy' (HC) for most of his life, the Austin, Texas teen had three near death experiences, the first one at the tender young age of four. Not that his health condition stopped him from living. His parents describe what a wonderful young man Ben was, here.

One of his many accomplishments was the creation of several popular YouTube channels including one in which he gave advice to young teens. But the week before he passed on he created another channel.  This time he only uploaded two very powerful videos entitled "This is my life" Part 1 and 2, in which he describes (with handwritten notes) some comforting visions he had during those experiences 'cheating death'. In one of those visions, his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, appeared:

“While I was still unconscious, I was in this white room. No walls. It just went on and on. There was no sound [but peace]. It I was wearing a really nice suit. And so was my favorite rapper, Kid Cudi. Why he was the only one there with me, I’m still trying to figure out. But I was looking at this mirror that was in front of me. The first thing I thought was damn we look good… I couldn’t stop smiling."

With a maturity beyond his years, he also explains how he saw the 'white light' and how comforting and at peace he felt. At the end he writes: "Do you believe in Angels or God?"  then lifts the last piece of paper "I do".

A compilation of the videos went viral, and Kid Cudi was so touched he wrote about it on his blog.

Ben uploaded those videos on December 18, and on the evening of December 25 he left the physical plane. He must have somehow known it was time. 

Ben was only 18 years old. Rest in Peace, you are now 'at home'.

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