Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Benefits Of Yoga

Originating in India some 5,000 or so years ago, yoga has become the thing to do amongst health and wellness enthusiasts. For some, it's an all-encompassing spiritual lifestyle including diet, meditation and exercise (postures). Others just incorporate some of the elements into their lives with great benefits.

One thing everyone acknowledges, including mainstream medicine, is that it is very beneficial in many ways. Stressed out? Yoga can help manage that anxiety, tension and stress. In pain?  It can help with that too.  But those aren't the only things yoga can remedy. It can also help you lose weight and keep fit, and is often recommended for people with depression, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and high blood pressure, among many other things.

Yoga is a series of  exercises which include deep breathing, specific poses and meditation, though some just do the postures and deep breathing. In fact, if you are feeling stressed, just taking a few deep breaths can be of enormous help.

Trying to figure out what type of yoga to do can be challenging, however, since there are so many different forms- from the more common Hatha yoga to the latest fad Bikram yoga, where you get to sweat it out in a hot room. This article helps you decide which would be best for your personality type.

And for all you female yoga lovers out there, here's another funny from the Whole Foods Parking Lot people dedicated to you.

Please remember before starting any kind of yoga or exercise programme check with your health professional, since there are people with certain conditions that should not do yoga.


sukhasanthi said...

Yoga is a complete and safe method of keeping the body, mind and soul synchronized and happy.

Incognito said...

Indeed Sukhasanthi, but there are some conditions that need to proceed with caution.