Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Choose Your Religion- Flowchart and Quiz

I found this rather funny since it pretty much pokes fun at every major religion. Sometimes we just need to not take ourselves so seriously. And I definitely believe that GOD has a sense of humour, I know I've experienced it.

On a more serious note, many of us on spiritual paths often incorporate different Truths from different faiths into our religious belief system. I have known Jewish Buddhists, and Christians and Jews who believe in karma and re-incarnation. I even knew a Jewish woman who was a Hare Krishna devotee.

And if you don't know where you stand, or you're not sure what path you should follow, take this fun Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz at Although I was very surprised at what I came up with, it was still interesting.

Read the instructions carefully and have fun. It's just 20 multiple choice questions, and you get the results right there without having to sign up. You might be inspired to try something new.

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That explaines a lot............