Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is It Time To Let Go Of Negative Friendships?

Someone had this posted on their FaceBook wall, and I thought it was rather appropriate considering it's the time of year for making resolutions and letting go. 

The new year gives us a wonderful opportunity to take stock of our lives and determine what is or isn't working.  Unless we are hermits living in a hut on some isolated mountain top, we all must deal with people, whether they're family, friends or co-workers.  We don't have the option to choose our family or the strangers we might encounter during our daily trek, but we definitely do have a choice who we keep as friends, and many of us have one or two that aren't really friends at all. You know the type, the ones who suck you dry mentally and emotionally, call only when they need something, always complaining or gossiping,  never ask how you are, spending the whole conversation talking about themselves?  Surrounding ourselves with negative people will only make us more negative, and being negative just draws more negativity into our lives.  If there's no way of helping that person become more positive, it might be time to let go.  That might be harder to do with family or co-workers, but we never have to remain in abusive, negative relationships, nor should we.

To determine if a relationship or friendship is having an adverse effect upon our lives, all we have to ask ourselves is- is that friendship making us into someone we don't like, rather than helping us become the best that we can be? If the answer is yes, then we're doing ourselves a major disservice, and it's definitely time to move on.

As the above quote says: surrounding ourselves with positive people that make us happy and laugh, will do wonders for not only your life, but the world in general.

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